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Organic Fig Juice


Figs are a fruit that originated in the Middle East. The fig grows on a shrub and was brought to Europe and America in the 16th century.

While figs are popular in recipes or dried, many people are not familiar with the fruit itself. Figs are a fleshy fruit with small seeds inside. They grow to a few inches and have a green skin which ripens into a purple or brown.

About Figs

Figs were a popular dessert item historically and are known for their mildly sweet flavor. Today, they can be eaten fresh, dried, or produced in other ways. The fruit has many benefits and is known for its effect on health.

While it can be difficult to find a natural form of the fig since it does not last long in the fresh form, consumers can enjoy the benefits of figs in fig juice.

The juice is 100% pure without any added sugar, water, or preservatives. Since these ingredients are known as fillers that lower the quality of the fig juice, they are not included.

The fig juice is organic, meaning that the figs were not treated with any pesticides or other unnatural ingredients. Since these additives can be harmful to humans, buying organic juice is a safer alternative when available.

Benefits Of Fig Juice

One of the many benefits of fig juice is that it is high in antioxidants. Oxidants are harmful compounds in the body that contribute to chronic disease states such as cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, as well as causing aging.

Studies have been shown that individuals who follow a diet high in antioxidants tend to have fewer diseases and have longer, healthier lives. Antioxidants are in many fresh fruits and vegetables in varying amounts. Fig juice is naturally high in antioxidants and is a delicious superfood that has beneficial properties.

For individuals or families that have allergies, fig juice is free of many of the common allergens. The juice is gluten free and should not be harmful for individuals with most allergies since it does not contain preservatives or other additives. The juice is also a vegetarian friendly option and is not made with any animal products. Fig juice is also Kosher certified and can be enjoyed by individuals of all races.

Storing Fig Juice

Fig juice comes in 12 125 ml bottles, which is 1.5 liters. The unopened juice can be stored for 12 months which means consumers can purchase larger quantities and enjoy it for an entire year. When the juice has been opened, it has to be used within two days. Since the bottles are just (125 ml) you will not need to store them for long, finishing the juice in two days is not difficult and shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

Fig Juice Is Highly Recommended

For a healthy and refreshing juice, consider purchasing fig juice if your looking to add something to your diet. IT is a great source of nutrients and antioxidants.

For individuals who are concerned about making healthy choices for themselves and their families, choosing this juice and best diet pills is a great way to ensure that nutrient needs are being met. A natural choice, this juice is easy to buy and delicious to drink!

Note: These are 100% Organic, not from concentrate and NO added water. Gluten & additive free. They also come in glass bottles! Organic juice in plastic bottles is not recommended!



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